Text Ex Machina

Looking through my server logs, I noticed that when I moved my blog I somehow forgot to update my TextMate theme! Apparently someone likes it, because it’s been mirrored on the TextMate User Submitted Themes page, but I’ve also re-uploaded it here for anyone who’s interested.

Download TextExMachina.tmTheme

theme screenshot

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your colorpicker application.
    Lately, howeverwhenever I start it up it defaults to all black ie the sliders in all the plugin are at 0. I did not find a .plist file for the application. Is there a way to reset it so that it retains the last setting? I am on 10.6.8. thanks

  2. Hi Alan,

    Sorry, this is just a really simple wrapper around the built-in OS X color picker. There is no plist for it, but maybe there is a native plist that you can use?

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