Color Picker for OS X

This morning I needed to choose a hex color, but I didn’t have easy access to the Color Picker utility in Mac OS X. So I spent about 15 minutes creating a Color utility and installed some plugins. Yes, you can install plugins for Color Picker.

Download Color here.

Just drag to /Applications/Utilities/ and then you can find the Color Picker in Spotlight.

While you’re at it, make Color Picker more useful by installing these plugins:

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  1. I had no idea you could install color picker plugins. Thanks for the little app, I’ve always loaded up Digital Color Meter to find a color from on the screen, now that I have this handy app, I can just use the color magnifying glass in the native color picker.

    Mondrianum is really tight, too bad they have a short “beta” expiration time set on the app. Hopefully the full version will be out soon.

  2. Wow, this is great! I had no idea you could install plugins either! Great little app too! Just discovered your blog and I’ve seen some great posts! Definitely subscribing :-)

  3. How can I copy paste the picked color’s code?

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